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Destination Crenshaw Mini Mural Contest


This is an opportunity for South LA artists to have their work publicly displayed with messages and images that personify the current moment for all to enjoy!

The Mini Mural Contest winners will be commissioned to enhance the Los Angeles Department of Transportation utility boxes along Crenshaw boulevard to provide an immediate opportunity for local artists to contribute to the creation of the Destination Crenshaw project. If you or any other artist you know is interested, we encourage you all to enter, as Black art is necessary and significant to the culture of Black LA. Your design could become the next historic visual landmark in our city!

Enter the Mini Mural Contest at Destination Crenshaw Submittable and help us in continuing to invest in black art and enriching our community! Submission guidelines will be sent upon completing contest entry. If you have any questions, email us at

We look forward to seeing your works of art!

The Destination Crenshaw Team

PS. Also, Just a reminder that applications for Round Three of the Arts Emergency Relief Fund are due by July 31st. The focus is on Artists and Small Ensembles. For more information visit: or contact

#Blackoutday2020 – We Buy Black

We’ve already succeeded in raising awareness of the power of our dollars! With 2 million supporters, all united around the mission of economic solidarity to fight systemic racism, we’ve made it clear that it’s a new day!

Today, elected officials, corporations and organizations are addressing systemic racism at all levels…from the board room to senior management, staffing, policies and brand names. We’ve made it clear that we will no longer tolerate injustice and inequality.

Let’s celebrate the success of #BlackOutDay2020 and continue the movement! #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMoneyMatters

Get Yours Today!
On July 7th, #BuyBlack, #BankBlack…or keep your money in your pocket!

California Coronavirus Update

California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Reveals Recent 56 Percent Increase In Hospitalizations, Says State Will “Lean In” On Enforcement If Businesses Don’t Comply
On Thursday at the top of his coronavirus press conference California Governor Gavin Newsom said “masks keep people healthy.” He then went on to detail the announcements, PSAs and other campaigns the state has undertaken to try and get residents to wear their masks.
The governor revealed on Thursday that the state had seen 4,056 new positive cases in the past 24 hours. Test positivity rate in California has risen to 6.3 percent over the past two weeks, he said. Over the last seven days that number has jumped to 6.9 percent. “This is why we have the mask mandate,” Newsom said.
“We’re going to see hospitalizations begin to spike as a lagging indicator,” he then warned.