Biden-Harris Officially Win Election!

Perhaps 200 years from now, someone doing research, will view this time period as a turning point in American History. It is, in fact, November, 2020 and Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris makes history, on several fronts, as the first woman and person of color voted into the Vice-Presidential office.
Some feel that despite Trump’s radical behavior, and even losing four Republican states that voted for him in 2016 (Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), how the closeness of the race speaks to what many Blacks already feel exposes the United States for its historically tumultuous social climate, and its not-so-hidden agenda of White Supremacy. Even though the electoral vote secured Biden’s victory by a large margin, the country’s popular vote, which some want to determine the election, nearly split on their opinion of Donald Trump and the direction the country should go.