Update On Presidential Primary

The primaries have concluded and the field of 16 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party has come down to the last two men standing former VP Joe Biden and his opponent Bernie Sanders. Sanders had been ahead of Biden until his come back last week in South Carolina and the seven other states which has restored Biden’s lead as front runner for the Demo’s party candidate. The question circulating among many who are talking about this important race is, “Who can beat the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania?” Many millennial voters feel that this could be another internal problem and fixed for Biden to win even though voter turnout has been favorable for Sanders. Mostly do to this promise of student tuition reduction or forgiveness, health care for all and his other more fashionable campaign promises but can Bernie beat 46-1? Sounds good and even looks better on paper, however, if the DEMO’s loose the House and can’t gain any seats in the Senate the fight will be how will Sanders keep or fulfill any of these campaign promises. No matter who is the DEMO candidate, the most important matter is in November to GET OUT and VOTE. Another four years of who is in leadership could be a disaster! Stay tuned, the fight has just begun. KEEP THE FAITH!