Rev. Sharpton & NAN Staff Providing Meals at House of Justice

“NAN—one of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations—has joined forces with World Central Kitchen to transform its sites into community kitchens to prepare meals for those in need,” reported NewsOne. “The NAN’s Harlem-based headquarters as well as a site in Newark, New Jersey are being utilized to make thousands of meals to deliver to senior citizens, low-income families and reentry program participants. Cognizant of the current state of food insecurity—specifically within impoverished and underserved communities—Rev. Sharpton was determined to alleviate obstacles for those facing hunger.”

The World Central Kitchen, founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, has provided disaster relief in the midst of global emergencies. The nonprofit donated 3.7 million meals after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico and provided food following natural disasters in Haiti and Mozambique. “With the traditional safety nets like school feeding programs, childcare services, and senior centers closing, many in our communities will not be able to provide for their families,” said Reverend Sharpton. “Our partnership with World Central Kitchen is to ensure our community that we are here for them. In times of stress and struggle, we all need to support one another.”