The Perfect Storm

After careful consideration as we are facing this CV19 pandemic, I find it extremely difficult to believe that this country, the United States of America was totally caught off guard. No advance warning? No knowledge of a possible or potential viral outbreak that would have dramatic health and economic consequences? If this is in fact the case then perhaps we need to rethink and reevaluate our position as the greatest power on earth.
In California Los Angeles to be exact, there’s tanks positioned downtown and on railways surrounding the city. Is this the beginning of ‘Marshall Law’ or a siege of the entire City? Where are they going? No doubt the target will be in the inner city primarily in the Black and Brown communities. In area’s least served and with very little resources. It only gets more complicated.
The closures of businesses and what they call “non-essential” including the church has to irritate or reasons of great concern. The Church is being viewed as “non-essential” based on what? Oh but liquor stores are still doing business. The criteria is because on a single shelf the hold a roll of tissue, bottle of bleach, can of Lysol and potted meat os sardines in a can they are essential. So the community that already has alcohol issues, abuse and crime remains open but the church is considered “non-essential.”
Children and adults are confined, getting on each other’s nerves, with little to no resources and in many areas and homes no wi-fi. In the Black community, the now cancellations of school the remainder of this school year will further cripple and stifle the educational process which they already are below academic levels. Those who are graduating this semester year will be further behind in applying for or even being accepted in schools of higher learning.
To be continued…