Metro TAP Cards – Contactless Payment

On September 3, Mayor Garcetti announced that Metro has brought the Transit Access Pass (TAP) card to iPhone and Apple Watch, providing a contactless way for riders to pay for bus and rail fares for Metro and 25 local transit agencies. The new mobile TAP app makes Metro one of the first transit agencies in the country to put the power to pay your fares in the palm of your hands — tapping into our city’s innovative spirit to bring greater safety, equity, sustainability, and convenience to riders, drivers, transit operators, and anyone riding our trains and buses. Riders who download the app will be able to ride trains, board buses, and cover their fares by holding their device near the TAP validator without using Face ID, Touch ID, or waking the device. Metro patrons will be able to add fare value using Apple Pay on their phone, removing the need to physically interact with a TAP vending machine at Metro stations. An Android version of the app is in the works for implementation later this year. Click here for more.