Joe Biden Selects Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential Running Mate

By all accounts, Joe Biden should easily walk into the White House following the November elections. Donald Trump should be a one term-president, and America could be rid of the nightmare we’ve been in for the past 3 ¾ years, leading to the end of his four-year term. On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 former Vice President Joe Biden took one step closer to becoming the 46th President of the United States by selecting California Senator Kamala Harris as his Democratic running mate. A historic selection, Harris becomes the first Black woman to run on the Democratic Party’s national ticket for vice president.
In selecting Harris, Biden has put aside issues which came up when the two candidates debated when competing for the presidential nomination. Biden selected his former presidential rival over a host of other highly qualified women. He has, however, selected a seasoned politician who understands the challenges of competing in a national campaign.
Senator Harris is 55-years-old. Born in October of 1964, she is the last of the Baby Boomers and born on the cusp of Generation X. She is part of the next generation; a generation not quite ready to retire, but who contemplates how they will make ends meet if they do. Furthermore, Harris is a mother of young adult children who represent a generation of Millennials, uncertain about surviving in a country that is struggling with unemployment, skyrocketing-housing costs, and college tuition loans, leaving them burdening in debt before they ever really get started in life.