Police Group Places Gun Target on Image of Black Elected Official

“The CCPOA posted a video that showed we are ‘targeting’ several legislative districts,” Stailey said in a statement. “It would require a great stretch of the imagination to believe that we meant anything other than our clear intent, which was to demonstrate that we are mounting political campaigns against certain legislators.
Jones-Sawyer is the chairperson of the Assembly Public Safety Committee.
“This is unacceptable. Putting crosshairs on a sitting Assemblymember with whom you have political
disagreements crosses a line big time. Reggie Jones-Sawyer is a great leader for CA, particularly on criminal justice & prison reform,” State Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), wrote on his Twitter account.
“I’m against police violence,” Jones-Sawyer told a Southern California radio station on Monday, Sept. 14. “And that’s not only police violence when it involves African Americans or Latinos, but also when violence goes against law enforcement officers. That act was a cowardly act.”
The California Correctional Peace Officers Association, established in 1957 as the California Correctional Officers Association, has over 30,000 members. The labor union advocates for enhancement of wages and other benefits for its members.
California correctional officers are responsible for the custody, safety, security and supervision of inmates in prison.
Threats to elected public official further shows the mentality of law enforcement and how they interact in the community of which they SAY they serve in or out of prison.