South LA Covid-19 Updates from Mayor Garcetti’s Office

Advisory: Free COVID-19 testing now available to all L.A. County residents with symptoms
Visit for information on free COVID-19 testing now available to all L.A. County residents with symptoms. Learn more and book an appointment.
Visita para más información sobre las pruebas de detección de COVID-19 gratis disponibles ahora para todos residentes con síntomas en el condado de Los Ángeles. Aprenda más y haga una cite.

DATA (numbers as of 4/13)

  • LA County  — 239 new confirmed cases, 9,420 total; 2.5% increase from 4/12

  • 25 new deaths — Total deaths: 320

  • LA City — 113 new cases, 4,205 total; 2.8% increase 4/12

  • COVID-19 DATA: The data packet the Mayor regularly receives will be posted: 

  • COVID-19 MYTHS: To dispel misinformation, we have launched a site that sets straight common myths about the coronavirus and the City’s response:


SOUTH LA WALK-UP TESTING FACILITY: The City is launching a new walk-up testing site in South Los Angeles at the Kedren Community Health Center.  Most of the City’s testing sites are drive-through sites, where people are tested from their cars. Recognizing that many people don’t have cars, we are opening a second walk-up site in an area that serves the African American Community. You must still make an appointment at

  • REMEMBER: Testing is only granted by appointment only. Testing is available for anyone EXHIBITING symptoms. We are still prioritizing people over the age of 65, however, anyone showing symptoms can now request a test at

  • GOAL: 60,000 LA County residents will have been tested by the end of this week

LA EMERGENCY CHILDCARE CONNECTION: In order to make sure medical care workers never have to miss a shift because of lack of childcare–especially the folks that ensure hospitals continue to run such as admin staff, janitorial staff, and others—the Mayor’s Fund is working with unions and hospitals to provide stipends, referrals and care for their children