“Hair Love” win for Best Animated Short Film #Oscars

In what many have come to delineate as the #OscarsSoWhite ceremony, the 92nd Annual Academy Awards wasn’t much different this year, but did deliver a distinguished accomplishment worth celebrating in Matthew A. Cherry, the NFL star turned filmmaker who rocked the nation with the “Hair Love” win for Best Animated Short Film.

Cherry had been widely celebrated in the weeks leading up to what’s considered the biggest night in film and television, with supporters globally rallying around him to express the importance of the narrative and the magnitude of the film’s highly-anticipated win. From national morning show segments to a “Hair Love” mural spotted in Accra, Ghana, the impact of the short film has redefined how Black boys and girls all over the world see and love themselves.

Heightening the notoriety, the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) recently honored Cherry with Breakthrough Director of the Year, followed-up by two NAACP Image Award nominations for the show’s upcoming telecast on February 22. These distinctions are worth noting, namely because honoring ourselves should always be a priority.

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God Mysterious Ways – RIP Kobe Bryant

Oddly enough on last Sunday during the Morning Worship Experience, said to the congregation who had gathered for Family & Friend’s Day that we need to be kinder, and more loving towards one another because you never know when it will be your last time. This was at approximately 8:45-50am and we had a blessed service as the subject was “Don’t Leave Your Heart Behind.”
The night before, I attended a basketball game at USC and upon exiting, it was a heavy fog almost difficult visibility. After the Morning Worship Experience, I immediately returned to USC for the Women’s Basketball Game only to get the horrible news that NBA & LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and seven other passengers traveling on this helicopter had just loss their lives. The entire arena was filled with disbelief, tears as well as conflicting stories. This was a global icon who now is no more. Our sincere condolences goes out to the families of the victims, Vanessa his wife, children and the recently born who will never know her father or sister. So much has been said but it always amazes me how people can always find ways to interject someones flaws, mistakes and errors. It’s like people have been perfect and have NEVER done anything they regret. I sure have my share or regrets and made mistakes that I’m not proud of. Many sit in sanctuary’s week after week knowing things about the flaws in their leader(s) and all levels of the church ministry but they take this occasion to explode negativity and spew vicious and malicious slander. In one of his interviews he said when questioned about his faith during his public trial; “when the cross you bare is too heavy for you to carry and the Lord carries you and your heavy cross, then you know how real God is.” Like him or not that’s your choice, hate him or despise him, you can’t deny his greatness on the court and his evolution after basketball. So glad God forgive and is the judge and not people. Rest in peace and power with the ancestors. #remeberngthe9 #ripkb24&Gigi #mambaout

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